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Guidelines for contributors

If you're interested in getting involved with the MVC Boostrap project, you can contribute in many different ways:
  • Feedback - please let us know about any bugs, features or, just in general, ideas you have! Please use the Discussions and Issue Tracker pages for any feedback.
  • Code - yes, if you feel like it, please help us fix bugs, improve the code or put in new features! Get started right away, fork the project, fix bugs, improve the code or add features and do a pull request!
  • Documentation - we could always use more documentation, code samples, better roadmaps, etc. So if you feel more at home writing text than code, please feel free to comment on anything on this site.

Being part of the team

Sign up on Codeplex

Generally we're not going to accept you into the team before you have contributed in some way. If you feel like you've already contributed, please get in touch with us!

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